Not to be too terribly romantic, but I’m in a bathroom in the middle of a London hostel in the middle of a London night.

And I’m thinking about dragons.

The dragon is bigger and more powerful than just about any other creature known. Certainly bigger than its enemy and combatant, the knight. The knight shouldn’t win. But the knight can. What does the knight get in victory? Depends on the story, but the knight can get the gold the dragon guards, the magic elixir, or the fair lady.

Or the knight can just defeat the dragon as a test, a quest, of the knight’s abilities and hard-won power. Or the knight can decide to defeat the dragon for protection. Because a dragon is an awesome, frightening, gigantic beast that brings fear and terror to the land. Nothing is safe with a dragon around. So dragons are to be defeated.

I’ve been thinking about dragons recently because I realize I have many things in my life that seem like dragons. And I think other people can relate to that realization. And I further think I, and others, want to defeat these dragons.

My dragons?

My self-sabotage.

Disbelief in my gifts and abilities.

Inaction, in career choices and fitness regimens and proper spousal communication.

Fear. A lot of fear. Fear of what I could become and the work I have to do to get there.

My dragons are whatever works, whatever stops me from sitting down to write, picking up a weight, giving a crap at work.

I have dragons to defeat. I imagine you do too.

Together, we can learn how to defeat them.


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