I went seven days without sugar.

No sweets. No dessert. No rice, bread, or noodles. No fruit. Not even ketchup.

In that same week, I tried juicing. I had a different juice every day. Some were basic, carrots, others were freaky, celery and beets. During that week, sweet cravings went away. But so did fatigue. And irritability. I had energy. A clear mind. I remember how clear my thinking was during that time. There it was. I had found the key to feeling better.

After this informational week, I experimented and had a waffle. Instant headache. Amazing. I felt horrible. Ok, if I needed more proof, that was it. I need to lay off the sugar, as much as possible, if I wanted good health.

About two weeks later, I was back to the same diet. The rice and pasta and bread were back, of course, because it’s quite difficult to eat family meals without these staples. But so were, bizarrely, the sweets that have been a part of my life for thirty-five years. Donuts. Cookies. Pancakes with maple syrup. Cake.

I knew these things were bad for me. I also knew these things had little to no benefit for me – a small but significant modifier.

This is how to commit murder. To involve yourself with activities that take life instead of give it.


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