On my bus, there was another rider listening to hip hop on his phone. Although he had on headphones, he was reciting all the words out loud.

The lyrics were all about sex, and power through sex. The lyrics were truly some of the more graphic and explicit I’ve heard in a while.

Having that worldview being put that close to the listener’s ears, charging his brain, transforming his mind…I can only imagine how this can affect how he thinks. And then speaking it out loud, which means you have to have some notion of what you’re presenting to the world; you can’t call it unconscious. Perhaps most important, this is imagery he’s putting into our minds, his fellow bus riders, affecting all of us as well.

It’s easy to say that perhaps you and I wouldn’t listen to such music, but I want you to consider what worldview you absorb. Which of these is part of your life playlist?

smooth jazz

political talk radio

recorded meditations

singing competitions

gossip blogs

TED talks

sermon podcasts

sports radio

late night Cinemax

kids’ cartoons

self help seminars

cute cat videos

Make no mistake, each of these transforms your mind in some way, and affect the kind of thinking you have. It also affects the words you say to me, and the people around you.

As always, we have to choose.


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