Here’s a story of small uplift.

A student came up to me, hand up for a high five. “Got an A- on the Physics test. This was a big deal. Her previous scores had been C and D.

So, I asked her, what changed?

“This test was on stuff I could actually touch. It wasn’t just concepts. It was how one object affects another one. I could do that test. Not just ideas. How do you touch an idea?”

Then she walked off, touching things around her she saw.

In order to change things, you need to get specific. So, on this Election Day, one specific way to change things is to vote. So please do.

But beyond today. I see many people – students, parents, teachers – fretting about so many things. Some examples:
My kids don’t listen to me.
There’s too much homework.
No one else is working as hard as I am.
All of these are legitimate. But to change them, to really change them, you need to get specific on how you want to change them.
Kids don’t listen? Every time it happens, stop everything and tell the kids you notice what they’re doing and you don’t want it anymore.
Too much homework? Go to each teacher, show your homework load, and ask if there can be one day a month with no homework.
Boss doesn’t know how hard you work? Set up a meeting, present an list of all the extra work you do and how you bring value.

In doing these specific things, you bring the chance of making impact. And you transform your mind, into believing that you can make impact. And hope beats helplessness every time. In acting, you are doing a specific action, not complaining about the idea of the problem.

After all, you can’t touch an idea.


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