TV is pretty good now, isn’t it? I think Breaking Bad is one of the best shows out there. Sometimes I’ll look at the extra episodes that are just on the show’s website. Or I’ll listen to podcasts going deeper into the show’s themes. Or I’ll read interviews with the show’s creators, and cast.

And that’s when I know I’m in trouble.

Because usually, if I’m devoting that much time to a side event, a pastime, an entertainment, I’m avoiding something else. Probably something else I’m supposed to be doing.

Have you noticed similar in yourself?
Do you have long passionate conversations about TV but don’t have the same passion about your partner?
Can you give the highlights of a particular 3 hour football game you watched, but not the highlights of your kid’s recital?
Did you spend a lot of detail time cleaning the house because it has to be done just so, but doesn’t give that same attention to your work?

Maybe you don’t do anything like this, which is great. But every once in awhile, we should look at how we’re spending time, to make sure we are giving attention to the things we actually want to.


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