I learned about 2baware.net and its workshop when its creator Liked one of my posts. I think this is an interesting idea. I have not done the workshop myself.

Using technology and open-ended questions, this is a workshop that apparently makes you consider your connection to the world around you. Considering your perspective and your control over your perspective, the workshop’s goal is to lead you into a more positive mental state. He uses animation that will automatically make you think of Shrek, and it looks both cute and goofy. But the message overrides the paint strokes.

There is some aspects of Buddhism within the workshop – namely the idea of the Universe being inside, so all you need to live a good life is internal. And the author spent time in India so you can see the Hinduism and Buddhism influence. Also note the author is a former soldier in the Israel Defense Force and some of the testimonials are from Israel. This could make a difference to some, so I include it.

What both psychologists and spiritual directors say is that the biggest change one can make on their current life situation is their reaction to it. This site could, for some, be a tool for changing mindsets.


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