I’m scared to write this, and much more scared to post this.

This is my new About page.

Here’s my question for you –

Are you at peace?

Not “Are you comfortable?” Not “Are you powerful?” Not “Are you satisfied?” Not “Are you right?” Peace.
If you have peace and happiness most of the time, while in the midst of the trials of life, I celebrate you. If not…
What if you could be happy?

What if you…
Could let go of your anger at your ex
Could refrain from the candy bars
Could let go of the dulling sensation of drugs
Could blame yourself instead of your coworkers for your job
Could go through the hell of writing that book
Could spend more time doing dumb things with your kid
Could admit to your spouse exactly what happened
Could keep your tongue in check during Thanksgiving with your family
Could meditate
Could let go of your anger at your parents
Could walk a mile even if no one will join you
Could spend an awkward dinner with your teenage daughter
Could wake up early to do nothing at all
…and still have inner peace?

Happiness, is not pleasure.
It is Victory.
Victory comes when you live the life you want.

Do you want that? I want that. And I want you to have that. Can I help you find that for yourself?

I cannot take your fear, pain or anger away. But I can remind you that there is peace, happiness, something deeper inside as well.

If you’re interested, contact me and let’s talk.


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