The idea of being in conflict is one no one wants. Most people are taught to be conflict avoidant. So entering conflict is quite unappealing.

But our lives are our conflict. Every day is a battle. And the war is for your soul.

Overdramatic, right? Let’s not get too crazy, right? Ok. How about this. Even the Buddhists speak of struggle between doing your bad nature and your good. Pacifists speak of fighting desire to get to higher callings. Hindus never say the journey to enlightenment is easy. Judaism speaks of two people within you, and the battle of which one to listen to.
What about our two biggest modern symbols of peace? Gandhi often tested himself by putting himself in situations of temptation. And Mother Teresa spent the last part of her life in conflict, trying not to be subsumed by “spiritual dryness.”

The very idea to be who you are, to become something, implies struggle. It doesn’t just happen. So you and I are in battle to be who we wish to be. We are warriors fighting the good fight. As soon as we realize this, our battle begins in earnest.


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