I wrote this in my journal May 5 of this year: “I won’t ever forget how to write.”

What I meant by that is that writing makes everything work. It helps me to be normal. It helps me remember what’s important. It allows me to get feelings out that are hard to acknowledge. Writing just helps me live the life I wish.

So I’m grateful to write here. And I’m grateful for the people that read here. I’ve learned about writing through reading the sites of others that have read mine. I want to talk about some of these sites for a moment. But before that, two people and their blogs that I’m eternally grateful for.

First off, all praise goes to my wife Wendy. She is a powerful writer herself. She has a blog about homeschooling our daughter. It’s really good. A friend recently marveled about this blog. She said, “It’s like reading a diary.” You can also hire Wendy for web design work here. She’s the Target store of creative work – great design for affordable prices.

Second, I am lucky to know Patrick Rhone. He lives in St. Paul like me and I wanted to meet him, so I nervously emailed him. He couldn’t have been nicer. He also helped me focus my writing, because he shared with me what the purpose of blog writing should be about. His blog, Minimal Mac, shows that focus. It is an awesome blog about the nexus of technology and simplicity. Great idea, right? He also has a book about this idea, called Enough. Read this sample. It’s just great.

Now for the blogs. Heather has a great blog about being real in life amidst life’s difficulties. She has a great post about Halloween candy (“That’s right, damn you”). And she’s currently putting words to grief while it’s happening (“My Granny is dying”). Rough, important stuff. Her blog also compelled me to change my WordPress theme because we were both using Manifest. Great minds.

I have no idea how iGameMom does it. It is a resource for electronic education, specifically the app world. There are so many reviews and resources. The site does app giveaways, and answer all emails. Somehow she has time to read little blogs like mine. Amazing. A site that’s worthy of all the awards.

The guys at Words Fusion have work that many people would like to have. They travel and write about it. Some of it is sensational but enlightening (Natalie’s post about rape during Oktoberfest). And their use of the exclamation point in their headlines drives me batty. But they break down some fascinating events, with their distinctive viewpoints (the post about Angela Merkel, my God). I’ll say this – they have me interested in going to Malaysia (“Kuala Lumpur on a Budget“.)

I had a smirky reaction to Adoptionistas when they first Liked my site. Chic lesbians adopting kids from Africa? Contact Angelina Jolie. Boy, was I off. The site is really good. There is helpful critiquing of the adoption process (here’s an example), and anyone whose been around that process can tell you it’s a bear. They break down the everyday parenting stuff like eating, and birthdays. Plus, there are more photos here than in my own hard drive. The best part of the site is the story of Nate, teen brother to one of the moms that lived with them for awhile. It’s a great story of how everyone involved was transformed (“How We Raised a Teenager and Lived to Blog About It“).

My wife does not like my cooking. Because she likes her cooking. She likes to eat the things she cooks; she does not like to eat the things I cook. So, although she doesn’t like to have the responsibility of cooking all the time, she endures in order to eat the things she wants. But I still look at the recipes and thoughts of Christine and enjoy them. Her writing is great – who else is going to create food in honor of Honey Boo Boo? And I was left speechless with her Breast Cancer Awareness Month post (“When Boobs Attack!”) So try the recipes, since I certainly won’t be.

I’m grateful. I’m grateful to read these sites and many, many others. I’m grateful I have a chance to write, and others can read.

I’m very grateful to you, that you’re reading this now.

Thank you.


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