Zig Ziglar died this morning. Below is a link to a tribute by Seth Godin, one of his students. But I wanted to write a couple of words too.

When I first heard of him fifteen years ago, I thought him a huckster; who has a name like that? And his deep Southern accent, automatically made me want to distrust him. And his work, with titles like See You at the Top, and Born to Win, I put him in the same mode as Tony Robbins – guys selling success methods they had no way of proving.

I now see Ziglar as the pioneer, Yoda, teaching others about the information economy long before there was such a thing. He understood selling, and he helped others to understand selling. Now the world is catching up. His Secrets of Closing the Sale is basically what everyone else has stolen from for years. Ask Dave Ramsey. Ask Chris Guillebeau. Ask Tim Ferriss. Even Dan Pink, of Drive and A Whole New Mind fame, has a upcoming book that explains what Ziglar has long explained: we are all in sales.

I say, if your interested in learning about selling, instead of going to the students, go to the source. Listen to a Ziglar podcast or audio program. Some of his audio are his Christian sermons, so if that is uncomfortable for you, don’t listen. But there is lots of Ziglar audio out there, enough to listen to for 3 days straight. With that, you’ll be well on your way to learning.

Here’s Seth Godin on Ziglar.

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