I ride public transit to my school. Part of my route takes me downtown. A funny thing happens often downtown. There will be a restaurant , completely closed, but its music system is still on. The system has programmed the music  that would be playing if the restaurant was open. But the restaurant is not open, it’s 6:30 in the morning, and the music is loud.  It’s a strange site, hearing thumping upbeat music while seeing the morning mood of the people downtown. Trust me, the mood and the music are not the same. Just about everyone wants that music off. “Unnecessary audio”, as one bus rider put it.


We have a lot of audio going on in our lives. Some of it is beyond our control, like that broken music system. But much is in our control, unnecessary audio. Much of the audio in our head is negative. Clinical research even has a term, the “nocebo effect“, meaning adverse health effect created by negative expectations. Obviously we should work to take control of the negative thoughts we believe. We can decide what thoughts we want to listen to. We can decide, although difficult, if our audio inputs are positive or negative. We can even decide, if at times, we want silence.

Today, decide on your audio. What’s one thing you can listen or not listen to?


2 thoughts on “Unnecessary audio

  1. The constant audio is what wears me down the most. Not too much of it is unnecessary; I can’t control most of it. But there are parts of the day or week where I just get completely over stimulated and I need silence. Real uninterrupted silence. This is extremely hard to find. Deciding on my audio – I can choose to hear my kids voices as non-annoying, and choose to not listen to negativity from those around me.

    • Wendy and I were just talking today about how mothers don’t always have choices. So, do the best you can. After all, you have to listen to your children, right? You wouldn’t have it any other way. But as you said, you can “tune” it the way you wish.

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