Definitions: A system of religious belief; a faith.
Any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination.
Any system or codification of belief or of opinion.
A set of fundamental beliefs; also : a guiding principle.
A formal statement of religious belief.

My assignment for my students was to write their creeds. At the top of their page they were required to give the definition(s) for a creed, so they could remind themselves what they were supposed to write. Then, after they wrote their creeds, they had to give specific examples where they lived out their creed. Specifically, they had to tell a story where their creed occurred in their lives.

So I give you the same assignment. What is your creed? What are your fundamental beliefs or guiding principles? How specifically have you lived that in your life?

That should be enough to do for a Friday.


Image: http://www.behance.net/gallery/whats-your-creed/2944591


2 thoughts on “Your Creed

  1. This is great, Rob! And a total challenge. I’ve never thought about these things to the specificity of writing them down and communicating them to those who don’t know me. I like it. And it freaks me out. I would be in a slight panic if I was in your class!

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