Start your day knowing why you do the things you do.

I promise you, I always know exactly why I have a bad day. By “bad day”, I mean a day of distractions, and not accomplishing anything.

It’s always because I don’t have a particular mission for the day. A plan. A reason for doing the things I’m doing.

Sure, I have things I need to get done, and those get done. But that’s far from having a purpose to the day.

If I have no purpose, I don’t have direction. And the very definiton of bad day is no direction. Because I can fill my time quickly with activity that have nothing to do with anything.

Getting things done? Sure. But not productive.

I fill my time with things that are not about a particular purpose.

Some of those things might be you, person-in-front-of-me, and your things. And, person-in-front-of-me, as much as I enjoy listening to you and appreciate heraring what’s going on with you, maybe this is not the time for you.

Start your day knowing your why. Put three things on an index card or on your computer desktop that makes a purpose to today. That makes for a reason to be up and moving. Let there be a point to your activity.


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