I read dozens of “Fitspiration” blogs today.

They were full of reasons to get inspired to change my life.

It took about 45 minutes to read.

45 minutes that I didn’t actually do anything to change my life.

There are so many options, so many choices, so many ideas.

None of them matter.

None of them replace the notion of starting.



So time to work.


2 thoughts on “So many choices

  1. So true. I went on Spark People to check it out. What was amazing was how much time one would actually have to spend tracking and posting calories consumed/burned, foods eaten, workouts done, etc. Ridiculous! I decided that going back to the basics every day was best: pushups, situps, lunges, other isometrics, and walking. Much more enjoyable and much easier!

    • Very good, Melissa. Basics always work. Following through with something and sticking with it always work.

      If you wish, you can spend quite a bit of time monitoring your diet and exercise, and how your body is changing. While I do find that information interesting, having the information doesn’t lead to actually doing anything. In other words, I still have to eat less, eat well, exercise more, and sleep. That will always be the situation.

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