If you want to learn how to write a novel, good ideas are a click away.
If you want to lose weight, there are many programs you can find, catered to your specific needs.
If you want parenting advice, many people can inspire and encourage you.
If you want to make your job better, any number of forums are there with advice and strategies.
If you want to find more happiness in life, a host of people have wanted the same thing and can join you on your quest.
Even if you want to know what’s the meaning of life, there are several people that can answer you. Specifically.

But that’s not the issue, is it?

The issue is not about information (although sometimes it feels as if it’s the issue). The issue is about what to do with the information. The issue is action.

You really don’t need any information at all. You can find answers in an empty room. You just need to decide a course of action. If you’re looking for some way for your life to be different, choose something. Do that thing. Be about that idea.

Then do it for a couple of years…


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