Nerd Fitness is a great site. Look at a couple of the posts and consider following it. Steve Kamb, the creator, has a great sense of humor that comes through his posts. So geeky. But his ideas are great. And the community he’s gathered is impressive.

Through reading the site, some interesting things happened to me. I figured out some goals I had for life, and I figured out the incremental steps to get there. And they’re working out.

Only some of these were fitness goals. For example, I wanted to be able to do pullups, so I could feel like I could be fairly effective in an emergency. My goal was 5 pullups by my 40th birthday, and I got to 4. I couldn’t do one when I started.

But again, I had some life goals. Some of them are just starting to happen. Stay tuned.

Nerd Fitness has created a new channel, to deal with the issue of motivation. Motivation is both simple and difficult. Simple, because it’s a one step process – start. Difficult, because we can do many things to prevent that start. So hopefully this new venture can help in motivation.

Keep going, everybody.


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